October 5, 2012

Obama Assumes Control over Debates

By Jonathan D. Hodges

After the first Presidential debate on Oct. 3rd, Obama’s campaign has been exploring many options to improve his performance for the next debate. Jay Carney advised that the debate be televised during Monday Night Football to guarantee a lower audience, and David Axelrod suggested Bill Maher or Chris Matthews as moderators.

After much discussion with no apparent solution, Obama decided to take matters into his own hands. On Friday morning Oct. 5th the President signed Executive Order 8693, granting him full authority to:
  • Have all future debates pre-recorded
  • Filter questions beforehand
  • Install a teleprompter for the duration of the debate
  • Edit the footage before broadcasting to the public

Obama’s campaign and family in attendance cheered and clapped as he signed the Order. In a Press Conference afterwards, Joe Biden spoke to Media Matters about various options being explored to edit the footage for the next debate. He remarked that Obama should likely use Morgan Freeman as his voice-over, and Elmer Fudd for Romney. 

~ End of Transcript