January 4, 2011

Google Expands into Coin Laundry Business

Boliver Dorth
Unassociated Press

In a highly anticipated press conference today, Google CEO Eric Schmidt announced the company’s $750M venture into the coin laundry business. “With a cash and stock purchase of ‘The Laundry Company,’ Google is remaining true to its mission of expanding into sustainable and profitable markets.”

In a move that shocked and baffled market analysts as well as shareholders, Google stands by its decision to purchase the nation’s largest coin laundry company.

VP of Sales Nikesh Arora also added, “We believe this is an important step of diversifying the Google empire as we carefully consider all potential investment opportunities.”

After the press conference, Arora declined to comment when asked by Aron Task of Tech Ticker if Google was considering investing into the typewriter business.

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