May 17, 2010

A-Rod Sobs over Fan's Refusal to give Autograph

Yahoo! Sports

Reeling from 6-3 defeat by the Minnesota Twins on Sunday, the Yankees fared no better with their fan base following the disappointing loss.

“I was shocked, horrified and disillusioned after being treated in such a manner. I did nothing to deserve that treatment” said an angry Alex Rodriguez during the post-game show.

It all unraveled when the slugger made his way out of the dugout following the loss. As he headed for the locker room, he stopped to ask a nearby fan for his autograph.

After refusing to sign the baseball which A-Rod held out, he dropped his head, pouted and shrugged his way toward the showers.

The Yankees fan, Luke Rudkowski, spoke with ESPN’s Adam Schefter about the whole ordeal. “Look, the game was just horrible. The Yankees underperformed and we were overhyped into thinking that they could actually win this. They totally blew it and no way did A-Rod deserve my autograph.”

After sobbing through two Kleenex packets in a FOX Sports interview the following morning, A-Rod shared his version of the story. “Listen, there is only one reason why I am able to earn $33M a year, drive Porches and date Brazilian supermodels – and that reason is the New York Yankees fan.” Pausing for nearly a minute while stuttering over his words, A-Rod continued. “The fans, they’re the ones who buy our merchandise, purchase season tickets, and watch the games every stinking season - here I wanted to show my appreciation for their loyalty, and was stood up by an egotistical and arrogant fan who would not give me the time of day.”

FOX anchor Mark Grace then asked A-Rod if the rejection would keep him from trying to get autographs from other Yankees fans. “Well, hopefully not all New Yorkers are that rude, so we’ll have to wait and see next week when we face Tampa Bay. But as for Luke Rudkowski, it will be a cold day in Hades if I ever try to get an autograph from him again!”

~ End of Transcript