August 14, 2008

Russian Prime Minister Admits to True Cause of Georgian War

Unassociated Press

- Today Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin admitted as to why he escalated the recent bloody conflict with Georgia, in an exclusive interview with the Unassociated Press.

"I never knew that it would come to many military vehicles destroyed, buildings demolished and dead civilians." When asked to go into further detail of why this conflict initially began, Putin further explained.

"Last year, during Christmas, Georgia President Mikheil Saakashvili promised me that he would not use any aggression towards the autonomous provinces of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. He also promised to send me a vintage bottle of 1968 Vodka as a 'Token of Peace.'

"I waited, and waited for my Vodka. Not even my boss President Dimitry Medvedev could cheer me up. So, I had to make that Georgian swindler pay, when I had the opportunity. Luckily, his invasion of South Ossetia gave me the chance to apply the necessary retribution as needed. So, if Saakashvili wants to end this bloody conflict, he had better send me my Vodka."

- End of Transcript


Richard said...

Hey, you got to give Putin credit, at least he waited.

Wendy Janz said...

True, Putin's invasion of Georgia pales in comparison to George Bush's war in Iraq.